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I'm in school now! I'll be pretty busy from now until next summer. I also have a job and I'm in IB

Chris Evans attends the ‘Before We Go’ premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival at Princess of Wales Theatre.

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Spn Meme » Three Angels » Anna

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"What I would really like to do is an adaptation. I like period drama because everyone is so restrained, but they have all these emotions raging underneath."

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"Tumblr is a loving open minded family”


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reason to not become an adult

  • you can’t use the ‘my mum said i can’t go’ excuse to blow someone off

my mum has invited me over for dinner

my mum needs help with furniture

my mum just got a new phone and needs my help

my mum spoke to me from the grave and told me u need to stop inviting me out

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hey, cool guy

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look at those cuties (✿◠‿◠)

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 ⌊  «I miss him.»   —   10.1

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We know a little about a lot of things; just enough to make us dangerous.

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dear cas